Course curriculum

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    Welcome to the Course!

  • 2

    Introduction to Analogue Muscle Testing

    • Download the Course Manual

    • Why Switch to Analogue Testing?

    • Summary of Introduction and Theory Presentation

    • Analogue vs Binary

    • Analogue vs. Binary Testing In a 14-muscle Balance Demonstration

    • What You Have Learned So Far

  • 3

    The Analogue Finger Mode

    • The Analogue Finger Mode

    • Correcting a Muscle in Analogue is the Same as in Binary!

    • How Would You Answer?

  • 4

    How an Accurate Indicator Muscle Behaves in Analogue

    • What is Different About an Indicator Muscle in Analogue Mode?

    • Using Finger Modes and Modality in Analogue Mode

    • How to Find a Modality Imbalance and Correction

    • Review

  • 5

    Stacking Made Easy

    • The Pros and Cons of Stacking

    • The Gates

    • Demonstration of the Test, Load Correct Model

    • Demonstration of using TLC Together with the Cyberkinetic Mode

    • What Have You Remembered?

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    What's Next?

    • More Resources

    • Now You've Completed the Course